Antioxidative and physiological studies onColocasia esculentum in response to arsenic stress

  • Mandakini J Patel
  • Pritesh Parmar
  • Bhaumik Dave
  • RB Subramanian
Keywords: Arsenic, Colocasia esculentum, antioxidant, metal, root.


The current study was undertaken to determine the effects of arsenic on Colocasia esculentum. Rhizomes were grown in pots containing 2.5 kg of garden soil with increasing concentration of arsenic. Arsenic  accumulation was more in shoots compared to roots at higher concentrations. High arsenic concentration  caused reduction in plant growth along with induction of few antioxidants. C. esculentum has a strong  antioxidative and physiological defense mechanism. Under arsenic stress, an increase in catalase, peoxidase,  few non-enzymatic antioxidants and an induction of few stress induced protein were observed, along with  some anatomical changes in roots. The increase in antioxidant stress enzyme activities in response to arsenic  exposure may be taken as evidence for an enhanced detoxification capacity of C. esculentum, a  herbaceous monocot plant, towards reactive oxygen species (and derivatives) that might be generated in the stressed plants.

Key words: Arsenic, Colocasia esculentum, antioxidant, metal, root.


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eISSN: 1684-5315