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Development of polyclonal antibodies for the detection of recombinant human erythropoietin

Collares Thaís Farias, Monte Leonardo Garcia, Campos Vinicius Farias, Seixas Fabiana Kömmiling, Collares Tiago Veiras, Dellagostin Odir, Hartleben Cláudia Pinho


Recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) is detected by using direct pharmacological assays and indirect haematological assays. However, both methods have several limitations including technical challenges and  cost-related issues. The aim of this study was to develop polyclonal antibodies against rHuEPO (anti-rHuEPO pAb) that can be used in immunoassays. In this study, we purified anti-rHuEPO pAb that could be used in immunoblotting assays to efficiently detect rHuEPO. Furthermore, these antirHuEPO pAb which could also detect rHuEPO that was expressed in a eukaryotic expression system (CHO cells). Thus, the anti-rHuEPO pAb developed in this study may be useful for rHuEPO detection.

Keywords: Antibodies, rHuEPO, immunoassays, pAb.

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(37), pp. 5595-5598

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