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Identification of proteins similar to AvrE type III effector proteins from <i>Arabidopsidis thaliana</i> genome with partial least squares

Stephen O Opiyo
David Mackey


Type III effector proteins are injected into host cells through type III secretion systems. Some effectors are similar to host proteins to promote pathogenicity, while others lead to the activation of disease resistance. We used partial least squares alignment-free bioinformatics methods to identify proteins similar to AvrE proteins from Arabidopsidis thaliana genome and identified 61 protein candidates. Using information from Genevestigator, Arabidopsidis GEB, KEGG, (GEO: accession number GSE22274), and AraCyc databases, we highlighted 16 protein candidates from Arabidopsidis genome for further investigation.

Keywords: Partial least squares, Type III effectors, AvrE, and Arabidopsis

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(39), pp. 5804-5808

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eISSN: 1684-5315