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Activity enhancement of ligninolytic enzymes of <i>Trametes versicolor</i> with bagasse powder

SK Masud Hossain
N Anantharaman


Suspended cultures of white-rot fungus, Trametes versicolor, supplemented with bagasse powder showed a concentration dependent enhancement in the ligninolytic enzymes activity in liquid shake cultures. 2% (w/v) bagasse powder improved greater stability to the enzymes. The optimum pH is 3.5 and the optimum temperature is 40°C for maximum lignonolytic enzymatic activity. The optimum shaking speed is 60 rpm for maximum enzymatic activity. The maximum enzymatic activity showed by T. versicolor is 495, 440 and 410 mmol/ml.min for LiP, MnP and laccase with bagasse powder at optimum conditions, respectively. Without bagasse powder at optimum conditions, the maximum enzymatic activity for LiP, MnP and laccase is 195, 150 and 170 mmol/ml.min, respectively.

Keywords: Bagasse, enhancement, enzymes, optimum, white-rot fungus