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Evaluation of biochemical changes in <i>Clarias gariepinus</i> adults exposed to aqueous and ethanolic extracts of <i>Parkia biglobosa</i> pods

Samson E. Abalaka
King A.N. Esievo
Shodeinde V.O. Shoyinka


Clarias gariepinus adults were exposed to aqueous and ethanolic extracts of Parkia biglobosa pods (85 mg/L, 100 mg/L, 115 mg/L, 130 mg/L and 145 mg/L), respectively, in order to evaluate their effects on the biochemical parameters of exposed fish. There were significant increases (P < 0.05) in aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase activities as well as in plasma glucose concentrations respectively. The activity of alkaline phosphatase changed in a non significant (P > 0.05) manner with increasing concentrations of both extracts. However, plasma total proteins concentrations increased significantly (P < 0.05) with increasing extracts concentrations in fish exposed to ethanolic extracts while non significant changes (P > 0.05) occurred in those exposed to aqueous extracts. Similarly, there were significant decreases (P < 0.05) in cholesterol concentrations with increasing extract concentrations in fishes exposed to the ethanolic extract while there were no significant changes (P > 0.05) in those exposed to aqueous extracts. These biochemical changes in exposed fish revealed that both extracts of Parkia biglobosa pods are toxic to Clarias gariepinus adults with non significant differences (P > 0.05) between their levels of toxicities.

Keywords: Clarias gariepinus, Parkia biglobosa pods, toxicity, biochemical parameters

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eISSN: 1684-5315