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Histopathological changes observed in the heart and gizzard of quail chicks Coturnix coturnix japonica administrated by the different levels of chrome shaving

S Riaz, SS Alam, A Ikram


The present study showed the effects of different levels of tannery wastes or chrome shaving on quail hicks up to 9 months. The chrome shaving was given at 2.5 and 5% levels in replacement of animal proteins in chicks feed commercially available. Heart and gizzard were selected for the
histopathological studies and effects of different levels were studied in these tissues. Histopathological changes like splitting of muscle, vacuolation, necrosis, pyknosis, and loss of striation and degeneration
in heart and gizzard of quail chicks were observed and more pronounced at 5% chrome shaving levels compared to 2.5% level in last 3 weeks. These changes were time and dose dependent.

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