Published: 2010-06-25

Production of the first transgenic cassava in Africa via direct shoot organogenesis from friable embryogenic calli and germination of maturing somatic embryos

BB Hankoua, NJ Taylor, SYC Ng, I Fawole, J Puonti-Kaerlas, C Padmanabhan, JS Yadav, CM Fauquet, AGO Dixon, VN Fondong

Diagnosis and surveillance of rinderpest using reverse transcription - PCR

E Couacy-Hymann, SC Bodjo, T Danho, MY Koffi, C Akoua-Koffi

Characterisation of palm wine yeast isolates for industrial utilisation

IN Nwachukwu, VI Ibekwe, RN Nwabueze, BN Anyanwu

Detection of fungi and aflatoxin in shelved bush mango seeds () stored for sale in Uyo, Nigeria

BC Adebayo-Tayo, AA Onilude, AA Ogunjobi, JS Gbolagade, MO Oladapo

Biotransformation of the fish waste by fermentation

M Ennouali, L Elmoualdi, H labioui, M Ouhsine, M Elyachioui