Diagnosis and surveillance of rinderpest using reverse transcription - PCR

  • E Couacy-Hymann
  • SC Bodjo
  • T Danho
  • MY Koffi
  • C Akoua-Koffi
Keywords: RPV, RT-PCR, rinderpest, PPRV, morbillivirus.


PCR technique was used as an alternative method to detect evidence of rinderpest virus for diagnosis and in epidemiological surveys. Viral RNA was purified in 20 to 30 min using a commercial kit (RNaid (BIO 101). Primers used mapped in the nucleocapsid protein gene of rinderpest virus and gave specific and sensitive amplification from pathological samples. The size of the amplified fragment was 297 bp and the result was confirmed using internal non-radioactive probe SB1. The specificity of the PCR
products was also confirmed by cleavage using restriction enzyme RsaI to give a major band of 200 bp.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315