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Evaluation of interspecific DNA variability in poplars using AFLP and SSR markers

O Saša
G Vladislava
Z Miroslav
K Branislav
P Andrej
Z Galic


The objective of this paper was to examine interspecific DNA variation in poplars using AFLP and SSR markers. The AFLP and SSR markers polymorphism and its power of discrimination were determined
within 13 genotypes of different genetic background (clones, cultivars, hybrids) of two sections (Aigeiros and Tacamahaca) of genus Populus. Twelve sets of PTR and four sets of WPMS microsatellite primers as well as 6 AFLP primer combinations were used in this study. SSR and AFLP markers revealed high power of discrimination, 0.81 and 0.92 respectively. Results obtained using SSR data showed a clear separation of three major clusters, while four major clusters were obtained using AFLP data. Both markers crearly separated two distinct clusters, one included Populus nigra and the other Populus deltoides genotypes. According to both markers, different genetic background were revealed between two clones of Populus trichocarpa. When evaluating polymorphisms within genotypes of
interest, microsatellite and AFLP DNA markers proved to be a useful tool for distinguishing genetic background of tree clones, cultivars and hybrid genotypes thus grouping them according to their genetic dissimilarity. The results presented in this study could be of significant interest in poplar
breeding programs and could also be used as a valuable annex in new bred clones registration process.

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eISSN: 1684-5315