Published: 2011-05-06

Morphological characterization of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) in four populations in Malawi

FM Chipojola, WF Mwase, MB Kwapata, JM Bokosi, JP Njoloma, MF Maliro

Molecular phylogeny of Ranunculaceae based on internal transcribed spacer sequences

Y Cai, S Li, Y Liu, S Quan, M Chen, Y Xie, H Jiang, E Wei, N Yin, L Wang, R Zhang, C Huang, X He, M Jiang

Evaluation of interspecific DNA variability in poplars using AFLP and SSR markers

O Saša, G Vladislava, Z Miroslav, K Branislav, P Andrej, Z Galic

Determination of chromosomal ploidy in Agave ssp.

LV Lingling, G Sun, J Xie, X Zang, Y Hu, J Duan

A genome browser database for rice (Oryza sativa) and Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa)

C Kim, J Han, Y Shin, S Park, D Yun, B Ahn, D Kim, B Park, J Hahn

Mapping of QTLs for frost tolerance and heading time using SSR markers in bread wheat

O Sofalian, SA Mohammadi, S Aharizad, M Moghaddam, MR Shakiba

Foliar epidermal anatomy and its systematic implication within the genus Sida L. (malvaceae)

N Shaheen, MA Khan, G Yasmin, M Ahmad, T Mahmood, MQ Hayat, M Zafar

Quality management of cut carnation 'Tempo' with 1- MCP

DH Abadi, B Kaviani, SS Hoor, AM Torkashvand, R Zarei

In vitro expression of apocarotenoid genes in Crocus sativus L.

MH Namin, H Ebrahimzadeh, B Ghareyazie, T Radjabian, S Gharavi, N Tafreshi

Simple, effective and economical explant-surface sterilization protocol for cowpea, rice and sorghum seeds

OB Oyebanji, O Nweke, O Odebunmi, NB Galadima, MS Idris, UN Nnodi, AS Afolabi, GH Ogbadu

Effects of NaCl treatment on the antioxidant enzymes of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) seedlings

D Qi-lin, C Chen, F Bin, L Ting-ting, T Xia, G Yuan-ya, S Ying-kun, W Jin, D Shi-zhang

In vitro assessment of cytotoxicity of giomer on human gingival fibroblasts

R Pourabbas, S Farajnia, S Kimya, L Mohammadnejad, A Johnson, T Nejatian

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