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Isolation of hydrolase producing bacteria from Sua pan solar salterns and the production of endo-1, 4-bxylanase from a newly isolated haloalkaliphilic <i>Nesterenkonia sp.</i>

L Govender
L Naidoo
ME Setati


Eighty seven bacterial isolates were obtained from evaporator ponds using culture enrichment technique and screened for xylanase, mannanase and cellulase activity. Based on biochemical and phenotypic characteristics, the isolates were divided into 18 groups. Thirteen groups were Bacillus
species, four were Halomonas species, while one group belonged to the genus Nesterenkonia. Four Bacillus isolates, Sua-BAC005, Sua-BAC012, Sua-BAC017 and Sua-BAC019, as well as Nesterenkonia sp. Sua-BAC020 were studied further. Isolate Sua-BAC005 affiliated with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens secreted 12.6 U/ml and 9.0 U/ml b-mannanase and b-xylanase, respectively, while isolates Sua-BAC012, Sua-BAC017 and Sua-BAC019 affiliated with Bacillus licheniformis, produced less than 2 U/ml of xylanase, cellulase and mannanase. Nesterenkonia sp. Sua-BAC020 grew at 0 – 20% NaCl with an
optimum at 2.5% NaCl, and at pH 7 – 9.5 with an optimum at pH 9. This isolate produced 3.5 U/ml xylanase when cultivated at pH 8 in 10% NaCl. Five xylanase activity bands were detected on Native-PAGE coupled with zymogram.