Species diversity, abundance and seasonal occurrence of some biting flies in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria

  • AB Ahmed
  • SN Okiwelu
  • SM Samdi


A survey of biting dipterans was conducted in Kaura LGA of Kaduna State between November 2000 and October 2001. Fifteen species of biting flies were caught in two families, Tabanidae and Muscidae distributed in the following 4 genera: Tabanus 10, Haematopota 2, Chrysops 1 and Stomoxys 2. The genus Stomoxys represented by Stomoxys calcitrans Linnaeus and S. nigra Macquart had the highest abundance (62.5%), followed by the Tabanus (34.6%), Haematopota (1.8%) and Chrysops (1.1%). Generally, more flies were collected during the wet (1431; 85.1%) than the dry season (250; 14.9%) with some species occurring all year round. The widespread presence of haematophagous dipterans in the study area suggest that they could be playing a greater role in disease transmissions than previously thought. Optimum temperatures that stimulate rapid reproduction appear to fall between mean temperatures of 22.8-24.1°C. The species showed a general increase in relative abundance during the wet season and a decline in the dry season. No new country record was found.

African Journal of Biomedical Research Vol. 8(2) 2005: 113-118

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eISSN: 1119-5096
print ISSN: 1119-5096