The African Journal of biomedical Research was founded in 1998 as a joint project between a private communications outfit (Laytal Communications) and members of the Ivory tower. Later, the need to expand the horizon of the journal led to the formation of a group (Biomedical Communications Group, Ibadan, Nigeria) which is aimed at being registered in future as a non-governmental organization involved in the promotion of scientific proceedings and publications in developing countries.

The journal is conceived as an academic and professional journal covering all fields within the Biomedical Sciences including the allied health fields. Articles from the Physical Sciences and humanities related to the Medical Sciences will also be considered. The African Journal of Biomedical Research publishes full-length papers, review articles intended to throw light on recent advances in areas within its scope, short communications, rapid communications and mini-reviews. The journal will also carry news on conferences, workshops and products. The guiding principle shall be consistency.

One of the dual roles of the African Journal of Biomedical Research is to serve as a conduit for academic and professional media, covering all research findings within the biomedical sciences including the allied health fields. The other role is to put to test the alliance between the private non-governmental sector and members of  an African academic community in their quest to propagate knowledge. Furthermore, the journal will make significant and regular contribution to the South-North flow of information, which hitherto has been slow.

African Journal of Biomedical Research (ISSN 1119-5096) is published in January, May and September by the Biomedical Communications Group, Ibadan, Nigeria. The journal is published on a page sponsorship basis (Three issues per volume).


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Published: 2024-07-09

Oxidative Stress in Testis of Rats Exposed to Cadmium

H.O. Otamere, U. Akpamu, W.A. Adisa, O.J Shelu , E.S. Imhantabhunu

95 - 99

Aqueous Extract of Carica papaya Leaves Improves Hyperglycemia, Hyperalgesia, and Oxidative Stress in Streptozocin-induced Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in Male Wistar Rats

H.O. Jimoh-Abdulghaffaar , O.O. Akintoye, A.J Ajibare, O.S. Jimoh, J.O. Owoyemi, E.N. Ananias, V.O. Ibiyeye, V.O. Aboyeji, L.S. Ojulari

129- 135

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