Effects of Coartem and Artesunate on Some Haematological and Biochemical Parameters in Albino Rats

  • GS Adeleye
  • R Nneli
  • CM Nwozor
  • MC Emesiana


The effects of Coartem and Artesunate on the hematological and biochemical parameters of albino rats were investigated. Rats were given 0.57ml of 5.6mg/ml of coartem solution, (20mg artemeter and 120 mg lumefantrine) (group 1) and 0.6ml of 0.5mg/ml of artesunate solution (group 2). Group 3 was control. 5.0 mls of blood sample were collected from the rats through cardiac puncture into EDTA bottle for hematological analysis and 4 mls into plain bottles for biochemical analysis. The findings of this present study show that coartem and artesunate have effects on the hematological and biochemical parameters in albino rats. The hematological indices evaluated were RBC, WBC, differential WBC; Hb, and PCV. Biochemical parameters included Cl K, Na. HCO3, creatinine and total protein. Artesunate and coartem had significant effects on the blood levels of white blood cells, neutrophils and lymphocytes without significant effects on other hematological parameters measured. WBC and lymphocyte were increased neutrophils was decreased These changes were within tolerable limits.

Keywords: Coartem, artesunate, lymphocytes, neutrophils, biochemical parameter


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-5096