Monitoring of CD4+ T-cell counts in HIV infected patients on Arthrospira platensis supplement in Kisumu, Kenya

  • S Koskey
  • F Okoth
  • R Waihenya


Consumption of natural products with high nutritional value can improve nutritional and immune status of HIV patients. Arthrospira platensis, is an alga that grows naturally in some tropical lakes. It is rich in nutritional contents and anti-oxidants. This study investigated whether use of Arthrospira platensis by HIV positive adults affected their CD4+ T-cell counts. This was a prospective paired study design with two independent groups: the study group and a control group. The findings of individual patients before and after intervention were also paired. Patients with CD4+ T-cell counts above 250 cells/1l were enrolled in Nyanza Provincial Hospital, Kenya. Patients in the study group used A. platensis while those in the control group used the standard multi-vitamin supplements. Fifty-eight patients completed the study [28 in A. platensis (study) group and 30 in multivitamin (control) group]. The mean CD4+ T-cell counts among patients in the study group increased from 485 ± 163 to 516 ± 181 cells/1l (p = 0.110) while in the multivitamin group they declined from 555 ± 221 to 472 ± 174 cells/1l (p = 0.001). It was concluded that A. platensis increased CD4+ T-cell counts in HIV infected adults and it was well tolerated at a maximum dry dose of 2g/day when used for 1-6 months.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1022-9272