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Peer Review

The AJHS operates a single-blind peer review system where the reviewers’ identity is concealed from the authors. Original research and reviews will first undergo peer review before publication. Each manuscript will be assigned two peer reviewers. The process takes 4-6 weeks of review and revision until the Editors are satisfied with the state of the paper. Peer reviewers are drawn from our pool of scientific peer reviewers although Authors may be asked to propose potential reviewers for their papers. If we make such a request, kindly propose reviewers with no conflict of interest.

Peer reviewers are selected considering their area of speciality and a review guideline provided. During the peer review process, the AJHS sets a time limit of 21 working days within which reviewers need to review manuscripts and submit their comments to the journal. The authors are then allotted 14 working days to send back their responses to the reviewers' comments. If the authors or reviewers need more time, this turnaround time can be extended. Reviewers have the option to either recommend:

  1. ‘Publish as is’
  2. 'Publish with minor revisions
  3. ‘Publish with major revision
  4. ‘Suitable for publication in another journal
  5. 'Not suitable for publication in this journal

If the decision is for revision, authors are requested to respond to comments raised by reviewers. When the Editors confirm that the authors have satisfactorily responded to all comments raised by peer-reviewers a verdict is made and reviewers are informed of the status of the manuscripts they have reviewed.

Publication Scheduling

Frequency of Publication:


Online submissions are sent to Editor-In-Chief through:



The African Journal of Health Sciences provides a forum for communication of research results and policy issues in health sciences and related disciplines. The journal is dedicated to serving, primarily, scientists in Africa who desire to publish their research findings and those outside the content wishing to contribute to global health. The Editorial Board will therefore, give priority to articles that make significant contribution to the development and promotion of health in Africa.

Frequency of Publication: Bi-Monthly.

Each issue will essentially contain the following sections, with variants where necessary:

i. A short editorial statement on policy issues not more than two thousand words, placed not necessarily on the first page.

ii. A short review, not more than five thousand words, titled ‘Perspective’ on a current topic in the health sciences.

iii. One or two review articles by invitation or on application.

iv. Peer reviewed articles by invitation or an application.

v. Letters to the editor

vi. News – about, and on, African health and related matters.

Research Papers

Should be composed of the following in this order, clearly typed in double space:

i. Title, which should be short and specific

ii. Full names of all the authors, qualifications and affiliations of each, and full address of each author. (Qualifications of authors are only required for
the purposes of Editor’s use and not for publication).

iii. Name and address of the corresponding author (s) with his/her phone number and email address.

iv. Sources of financial support, if any.

v. Summary of not more than 200 words.

vi. Introduction

vii. Materials and methods

viii. Results

ix. Discussion x. Conclusion

xi. Acknowledgement placed immediately after the text, and before the references.

xii. Citations and references applying the Vancouver


A. Citation of Periodicals:

Kofi-Tsekpo WM and Karekezi CW. Detectability and measurability of amoscanate in plasma by TLC and HPLC. Drugs under Experimental and Clinical Research. BBs; 14: 1988;14;31-37.

Watkins WM, Howells RE, Brandling-Bennet AD and Koech DK. In vitro susceptibility of Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Jilore, Kenya to antimalarial drugs. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 1987; 37: 445-451.

B. Citation of Books

OleFijerskov, Firoze Manji and Vibeke Baellum, eds. Dental flouroris; Handbook for health workers. Copenhagen; Munksgaard, 1988 p.

C. Citation of Chapters in Books

Same as B above.

D. Short Communications

This should possess all the elements of scientific communication as research papers, but without abstracts, sub headings and with not more than 500 words and 5 references.

E. References in the body of the text should be chronological and identified by Arabic numerals in square brackets e.g. Specific point mutations in naturally resistant laboratory isolates of P. falciparum [4, 5].

F. Figures, legends and tables should be professionally done and glossy print photographs (black and white) prepared from them (the original art work is not required). The prints should be 75x100mm min and 125x175mm max.

G. Submission of Paper to The Journal

Anyone who submits a paper for publication must provide the following:
i. A letter of submission
ii. A soft copy of the manuscript
iii. Written permission from authors whose copyright material has been used in the manuscript.
iv. Informed consent from participants whose photographs have been used.
v. A Payment receipt for the manuscript processing fee
vi. A signed copyright statement following the example below:

I/We…………………………….…………………………………………………………………….............…………......…the undersigned, who is/are the author(s) of the manuscript titled…...............…………........................................................………….., transfer all copyright ownership of this manuscript to the African Journal of Health Sciences, in the event that the manuscript is published in the Journal. I/We give guarantee that the content of the manuscript is original and is not currently considered for publication by anotherJournal.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1022-9272