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Open hemorrhoidectomy under local anesthesia for symptomatic hemorrhoids; our experience in Ile –Ife, Nigeria

OI Alatise, AE Agbakwurul, AO Takure, AO Adisa, AA Akinkuolie


Background: Ligation-excision hemorrhoidectomy is considered the gold-standard treatment for prolapsed hemorrhoids. The procedure is commonly done under general or regional anesthesia. This study is aimed to assess the feasibility and tolerability of open – hemorrhoidectomy under local anaesthesia in our setting.
Methods: This is a prospective study carried out in Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex, Ile Ife, Nigeria, over a 5-year period. All consenting adult patients with prolapsing hemorrhoids were offered Milligan – Morgan hemorrhoidectomy under local anesthesia. They were assessed for tolerance and complications.
Results: More than 95% of patients tolerated the procedure with manageable complications.
Conclusions: Open excisional hemorrhoidectomy under local anesthesia is feasible, safe and well tolerated in our environment and may encourage early presentation of patients with piles to hospital.

Keyword: Open hemorrhoidectomy, local anesthesia, Nigeria.

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