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Prescription status of Respiratory tract infection – a survey report

M Ramvikas, D Prabu, M Nappinnai, K Ponnudurai, K Prabhu


Objective: The present study was carried out to investigate the Self-medication and non-doctor prescribing of drugs used for respiratory tract infection in developing countries. Problems and factors responsible for this practice in SouthIndia.
Methods: The survey was based on the questionnaire method; it was carried out from 1000 respondents at different pharmacies.
Results: Literate persons (56%), monthly income between INR.3000- INR.10000 (39%) and also age group between 21-40years (66%) are more prone to self medication. The reason for deviation in self-medication is due to economical condition (57%), lack of time (22%), mild illness (12%), less treatment awareness (9%). Apart from this, some deviations are commonly seen among the prescription following respondents. Most probable respondents are due to financial condition (65%), others are brand name, dosage form, etc.
Conclusion: The present study was concluded that pharmacists are one of the key person for prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases and also improving patient compliance. These types of problems can be prevented by patient education should be strengthened.

Keywords: Respiratory tract infection, prescription, self-medication, patient counseling, role of pharmacist.

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