Instructions for authors Manuscripts should be in English and computer word processed using Microsoft Word 97 or lower versions, Word Perfect 6.1 or lower versions or PageMaker 6.5 or lower (keep a 3.5 floppy copy). Articles are only accepted on-line w.e.f. 2007. Such articles should be accompanied with N1,000.00 (or $10.00) reviewer’s fee. Publication charge of N6,500.00 (or $100.00) is to be paid on acceptance of article but before it can be published. (NB. Payments especially for review may be delayed until final processing in some cases. Format for writing articles Title: This should be related to a focus area/issue and be as brief as possible. Author(s) name(s): Names of all authors and contact address of major author is to be stated. Abstract: In not more than 250 words to highlight major issues or findings addressed in the paper. Keywords: These should be constructs peculiar to the article and not commonly used words. Introduction: To anchor the basis for the article or research, the background, aims/objectives have to be clearly stated with scientific implications. Assertions here must be supported or appropriately referenced. Main body: For positional paper, this should be arranged to have a logical flow all through the length of the paper. For research articles, the methodology, result analysis (statistical tests to be reported in 2 decimal places and levels of significance stated) and discussion are to be clarified. Conclusion: Should address highlights of the findings or assertions in the article/paper. Recommendations/Suggestion: This should not be vague but pragmatic, related to the paper/findings feasible and in conventional styles. Reference: List of references should show all authors and year of publication. Titles of published works, names and volume of journals, proceedings, mimeographs and other serials are to be underlined or italicized. For other published works, the address of the publisher is to be stated. All references have to indicate specific pages cited. Internet references are to be appropriately stated with author, website link and date accessed on the web. Articles are accepted at all times and should be sent to: e-mail:

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