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Poultry production constraints: the case of Esan West LGA of Edo State, Nigeria

R.A. Alabi
A.O. Isah


In order to investigate the problems that are of economic importance in poultry farms in Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, information on production activities, management and problems were collected' from 22 poultry farmers in the study area.

The data were analyzed using tables and frequency distribution. >From the analysis, the fanners highlighted the problems of low capital, diseases as the most rampant, Newcastle and Gumboro diseases are the most rampant. They also identified the lack of good quality water, and proper marketing outlets. High cost and at times scarcity of feed are major problems in the study area. All these problems can be tackled by provision of cheap credits to the poultry farmers. The farmers should be encouraged to organize themselves into cooperative. By so doing, their resources `can be pooled together for meaningful development of their farms and the poultry industry in general.

(Af J Livestock Extension: 2002 1: 58-61)