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Published: 2021-12-06

Dispensing errors in hospital pharmacies in Yemen: An exploratory study

Yaser Al-Worafi, Ramadan Elkalmi, Long Ming, Gamil Othman, Abdulsalam Halboup, Mohammed Battah, Abdullah Dhabali, Ammar Jaber, Abdulkareem Al-Shami, Khaled Alakhali, Wafa Alseragi, Sami Alshakhshir, Sultan Alshahrani, Vasudevan Mani


Study on subclinical left ventricular dysfunction in patients with obstructive sleep apnea

Bader Un Nisa, Ian Christopher Rocha, Muhammad Waqar, Muhammad Javad, Shahab Ud Din, Shah Hussain, Muhammad Tasleem, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Hassan Raza, Sheraz Iqbal Sethi


Thyroid disease and anaemia among early pregnant Iraqi women

Wassan Nori, Alaa Ibrahim Ali, Roaa Mokram Hamed


Effect of vitamin A on infertility induced by aluminum chloride in male albino mice

Zainab El Mabrouk, Habiba El Jaafari, Samira Elghul, Naema Shibani, Salma Abusrer


Security system by face recognition

Aisha Bazama, Fawzia Mansur, Nura Alsharef


Protein and polysaccharide base biomaterial for the formation of composite bone scaffold

Hafiz Sultan, Imran Javed, Muhammad Zubair, Kaleem Iqbal, Muhammad Bilal, Javed Iqbal, Ibtasam Wajid


Hg2+-Quinalphos complexes: Characterized by 1H and 31P NMR

Abdelhamid Esbata, Erwin Buncel, Gary VanLoon


Synthesis and function of multi-modality probe for early tumor diagnosis in mouse

Sania Maryam, Maheen Rasheed, Kashif Kareem, Imran Javed, Muhammad Amjad, Hafiz Sultan


Impact of Hba1c levels on maternal and neonatal outcomes

Hana Alfurjani, Zeinab Saleh, Laila Almahdi, Huda Othman, Nasreen Osman, Namat Abid


Evaluation of pregnancy outcome of Placenta Previa in Aljala Maternity Hospital

Marwa Asid, Amel Morgham, Nasreen Osman, Karima Ali, Laylay Meeloud, Mohammed Sultan


Intravitreal methotrexate in treatment of non-infectious uveitic macular edema

Yasmena Abdulhadi, Suliman Masuod, Nada Elsaeid, Majdoleen Ramadan


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