The African Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics (AJND) is a peer-reviewed Journal dedicated to advancing knowledge and research in the fields of nutrition and dietetics. The journal focuses on a wide range of topics including nutritional epidemiology, clinical nutrition, public health nutrition, food science, and dietetic practice. It serves as a vital resource for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and educators, promoting the dissemination of evidence-based findings and a deeper understanding of nutritional challenges and opportunities in Africa. By highlighting innovative research and effective interventions, the journal aims to contribute to the improvement of nutritional health and well-being.

Aims and Scope
The African Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics aims to promote the understanding of nutritional science and dietetics through high-quality research and evidence-based practices. It seeks to enhance public health by addressing nutrition challenges through the publication of studies that explore interventions, policies, and programs aimed at improving nutritional health and well-being across diverse populations. The journal supports clinical nutrition by providing insights into practices focused on the prevention, management, and treatment of nutrition-related diseases and conditions. Additionally, AJND encourages food science research, highlighting studies that impact food safety, food security, and the development of nutritious food products. It enhances dietetic practice by sharing best practices, case studies, and innovations to support the professional development of dietitians and nutritionists. Furthermore, the journal facilitates knowledge exchange by creating a platform for the dissemination of ideas among researchers.

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Published: 2024-07-02

Benchmarking Policy Goals and Actions for Healthy Food Environments in Benin to Prevent Malnutrition

Reynald Santos , Charles Sossa Jerome, Colette Azandjeme , Clémence Metonnou , Julien Soliba Manga , Stefanie Vandevijvere , Jean-Claude Moubarac , Adama Diouf


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eISSN: 3006-5526