Titles by Country: Malawi

Journal of Development and Communication Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal of Development and Communications Studies (JDCS), published online and in print by Development Media Consulting, is a biannual academic, peer reviewed journal, ISSN 2305-7432, dedicated to research exploring linkages between communication and human development. The core aim of the JDCS is to make available to development planners, students, civil society, politicians and the public, research recommendations for the benefit of social development in Malawi and Africa, foremost, and the world, second.JDCS welcomes contributions from all over the world. Malawian academics, researchers, and university students are especially encouraged to submit their original research (completed and ongoing alike) reports for publication.JDCS  believes in the words of Dr Nyengo Mkandawire of the University of Malawi who said, during his professorial inaugural lecture  on 17 March, 2014, that:“Ideally, [research findings] must be published locally [because] it has been shown that research published in local journals has the highest likelihood of changing practice.”Other websites associated with this journal: www.devcomsjournalmw.org

Journal of Humanities

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Page Header Logo Journal of Humanities is a scholarly and peer-reviewed journal of the Faculty of Humanities at Chancellor College, University of Malawi. The journal aims to foster critical and theoretical debates in the areas of classics, fine and performing arts, communication, literature and orature, linguistics, theology and philosophy. The journal publishes original research articles, scholarly opinions, and review articles. Priority is given to articles focusing on East, Central and Southern Africa. JH has a pluralistic and non-partisan approach.

Malawi Journal of Economics

 This Journal is Open Access
The Malawi Journal of Economics (MAJE) aims at publishing high quality articles focusing on the  application of economic analysis to a wide range of topics in different branches of economics with  relevance to economic and policy issues. It is of special interest to Malawian and African academics,  students, policy makers, development experts and others interested in the Malawian economy and  other African economies. Articles submitted for publication in the MAJE should focus on presenting results of empirical and policy-relevant economic research.

Malawi Journal of Science and Technology

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Malawi Journal of Science and Technology (MJST), the research journal of the Faculty of Science, Chancellor College in Malawi is published once or twice in a year depending upon availability of manuscripts and financial support. It includes contributions on empirical or theoretical investigations that cover the full range of science and technology, particularly those relevant to Malawi. Full length papers and short communications (500- 800 words) on original research, as well as succinct review articles, will be considered for publication. 

Malawi Medical Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Malawi Medical Journal is a peer reviewed publication of scientific medical research and serves as a forum for the dissemination of findings of health-related research undertaken in Malawi to health workers in Malawi. It incorporates original research studies, policy analysis, case reports, literature reviews and occasional special features. It is published both in print and electronically on a quarterly basis.

Other websites related to this journal: http://www.mmj.mw/