Alternatives Rurales: Revue scientifique et de réflexion sur le développement agricole et rural

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Alternatives Rurales: Revue scientifique et de réflexion sur le développement agricole et rural
La revue Alternatives Rurales est une revue qui a pour objectif d’offrir un espace de communication, réflexion et débat sur le développement rural et agricole au Maroc, mais aussi dans d’autres pays de la région et d’Afrique. Cette revue s’adresse aux acteurs du développement agricole et rural, aux acteurs institutionnels, aux chercheurs, aux organisations professionnelles, aux étudiants et au grand public.

The Alternatives Rurales journal aims to be a space for communication, thinking and debate on rural and agricultural development in Morocco and other countries of the region and of Africa. The content of the journal is of interest for actors of rural and agricultural development, actors of public institutions, academics, professional organizations, students and more broadly civil society.

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Journal of Water Science and Environment Technologies

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Journal of Water Science & Environment Technologies – JOWSET- is an international, peer-reviewed journal covering all of the water & environmental sciences, including different disciplinary and emerging research fields.
Aims & Scope
We aim to make JOWSET as a platform between applied sciences, engineering applications and environmental aspects of water. Papers describing progress in full-scale implementations are particularly encouraged. JOWSET offers fast publication for new findings and research directions.
Topics of the journal
The scope of the journal covers an extensive set of subject areas; theoretical, fundamental and applied papers are welcome on the areas detailed below:

  • Water treatment Processes and Technologies

  • Desalting technologies

  • Membranes technologies

  • Environmental Technologies,

  • Removal & sensing technologies of pollutants

  • Nanoparticles uses in water treatments

  • Water and urban Hydro systems

  • Emissions and transfer of pollutants,

  • Waste, Soil and Sediments

  • Organic and mineral anthropical waste (mainly solid waste, urban water, sediment).

  • Environmental risks.

  • Renewable energy

  • Climate change

  • Life Cycle Analysis

Readership information
Readership of JOWSET includes academic, government and industrial scientists from all disciplines, specialized or interdisciplinary, including the following.

  • Physical and theoretical chemists

  • Analytical

  • Organic & inorganic Materials

  • Hydrogeology

  • Polymer

  • Surface

  • Sustainable energy and environmental scientists

  • Biochemists

  • Biologists

  • Physicists

  • Engineers

  • Water treatment


Revue Marocaine de Recherche en Management et Marketing

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Revue Marocaine de Recherche en Management et Marketing
REMAREM is a FREE ACCESS "Open Access" magazine of a managerial nature, whose vocation is at the same time Moroccan, African and international. It aims to publish original articles, which are in the field of theoretical or empirical research and which aim to advance knowledge in the field of management sciences. It is intended particularly for marketing and management professionals wishing to learn about the very latest methods and to take a step back from practices. The published articles deal with concepts and methods useful for marketing and managerial decision-making, as well as related issues and strategies (innovation, communication, internationalization, distribution, etc.).
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