Leisure in transformation: Meta-trends changing the world

  • CR Edginton
  • A Jalloh
Keywords: Meta-trends, leisure, quality of life, community livability.


A Greek preposition, the term “meta” may be interpreted as the state beyond our current way of being. Meta-trends refer to those transformations that are underway yet unseen. They are invisible at one moment yet become widespread, shaping the way we live, work and play. Meta-trends often arise from underlying shifts in social, cultural, political, environmental and economic forces which serve to shape the human experience. Reflecting new directions, meta-trends impact individuals, communities and nations as a whole, as well as influencing worldwide attitudes, values, behaviours and actions. A transcendent phenomenon, understanding meta-trends helps reveal how the future will be unfold. Such forces give way to new movements, actions or activities that lead to social, cultural, political and economic changes. A meta-trend is distinctly different from mega-trends that are large changes that have occurred and are evident to all. This presentation discussed the impact of several key meta-trends on leisure, quality of life and community livability including: 1) demographic changes and shifts; 2) social media, technology and universal connectivity; 3) economic globalization; 4) urbanization, smart cities and migration; 5) new forms of governance; 6) education and learning; 7) environment and energy consumption; 8) transactional transparency; 9) global cultural integration; and 10) leisure, happiness, quality of life and community livability.

Keywords: Meta-trends, leisure, quality of life, community livability.


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eISSN: 1117-4315