The Intersection of HIV and AIDS Risk Behaviours and Gender Based Violence among Youths in Botswana

  • E Seloilwe
  • G Thupayagale-Tshweneagae
Keywords: Gender, HIV and AIDS, Partner Abuse, Relationship Power, Youths, Violence


This study evaluates gender-based violence and its intersection with HIV and AIDS. The study is based on a larger investigation that examined the HIV prevalence patterns among youth in Botswana. The study used a qualitative exploratory design underpinned by these methods: focus group discussions as well as in-depth interviews, using semi- structured interview guides with open ended questions. It covered specific topics pertaining to intimate partner violence. The areas covered by the interview guides included but were not limited to: impact of HIV and AIDS in the districts, common risks and protective behaviours among the youth, sexual relationships and family and church involvement in HIV and AIDS issues. The study triangulated data sources to validate and enrich data collected from youth by including and getting views of service providers on these issues. Different accounts of violence between partners were narrated by participants in all the three districts. The data also indicated that men always had an upper hand when it comes to sexual matters, and if a woman decides otherwise, it may lead to conflict. Passion killings were mentioned as being unprecedented and a new phenomenon. Violence seems to occur as a result of the male partner feeling exploited or used by the female partner in a relationship. The study is concluded by examining how violence can contribute to HIV and AIDS among the youth and suggests ways to mitigate this situation.

Keywords: Gender, HIV and AIDS, Partner Abuse, Relationship Power, Youths, Violence


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print ISSN: 2411-6939