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The Effect of Participation in Competitive Sports on School Connectedness of Secondary School Students

AW Kamau, EG Rintaugu, RK Muniu, LO Amusa


The purpose of the study was to determine the effects of participation in competitive sports on school connectedness among secondary school students. The demographics of gender, age, class, school type, school status and athletic status (participation/non participation in sport) were treated as independent variable while school connectedness was treated as the dependent variable. The study employed a descriptive survey design. The study employed stratified random sampling to select 26 schools while simple random sampling was used to select 384 students. Data were collected through questionnaires and analysed using descriptive statistics of percentages, means and standard deviations and inferential statistics of t-tests and ANOVA. The study established that gender (t 340=0.64, p>0.51) and class level (t340=-1.25, p>0.21) did not have any significant differences on students’ connectedness to school. However, the study findings revealed that age (F4, 342=2.70, p<0.031) school type (F3,342=7.20,p<0.00) and school status(F2,336 =0.60,p<0.021) had a significant effect on students’ connectedness to school. It was recommended that competitive sports be emphasized in secondary schools to promote school connectedness. The study also recommended adequate provision of sporting facilities to all schools so as to enhance school connectedness.

Keywords: Commitment, Sports and School Connectedness

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