Registered nurses’ experiences about organisational culture and its impact on the neonatal continuum of care in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

  • Lauren Ann Hillermannn


Culture could influence clinical practice within the neonatal continuum of care (NCC). To examine the influence of culture on clinical practices within the NCC, participant observation and semi-structured interviews were undertaken to gather data over a twelve-month period from a purposive sample of registered nurses (n=21) at a tertiary institution and community health centre in the eThekwini District of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Based on thematic data analysis, the nurses' cultural practices in the NCC were identified as including communication culture, insensitivity, work overload, and resource limitations. Understanding these cultural practices is essential for transformation of nursing services in the NCC to ensure good quality care delivery. For effective operations and transitions within the NCC, practical changes are required to facilitate quality nursing care. The study shows how organisational culture can influence the care of a neonate within clinical practice related to the cultural dynamics of nursing within the NCC. Since nurses are responsible for ensuring that patients receive good quality nursing care, awareness of their cultural patterns and behaviours will empower them to transform their current practices to achieve effective NCC.


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print ISSN: 2411-6939