Normative isokinetic peak torque values for elbow flexion and extension in young South African men

  • L. Lategan
  • P.E. Krüger


In order to compare the results of an isokinetic evaluation, there should be some norm or ideal set of values. The purpose of this study was to establish normative isokinetic torque values for concentric elbow flexion and extension. One hundred and ninety nine (199) healthy South African males were used as subjects. A Cybex 340 dynamometer was used to determine concentric peak torque of the non-dominant elbow's flexion and extension. A mean elbow flexion torque of 78% of body mass (BM) (­­± 12.4) and an elbow extension torque of 67% BM (±12.5) was found. The flexion/extension ratio was 119% (± 19.8). Thus, norms for absolute torque (Nm) and weight-normalised torque values (% BM) were developed for concentric isokinetic elbow flexion and extension for young South African men. This may provide clinicians with applicable normative values for rehabilitation and sport science purposes.
Key words: Isokinetics, elbow, norms, torque, concentric, flexion, extension.

(Af. J. Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance: 2003 Special Edition: 165-172)

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print ISSN: 2411-6939