African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences

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Exercise practices among persons with Type-I diabetes in South Africa: Attitudes and misconceptions

Y Paul, HJ van Heerden


Exercise is a cornerstone in the management of diabetes mellitus, yet many individuals with diabetes fail to participate in basic physical activity due to secondary diabetic complications or to overcome the perceived barriers in participation in physical activity. Exercise has also been recognized as a possible yet under-utilized tool in the management of diabetes. In developed countries a sedentary life-style has become more apparent and the incidence of diseases related to inactivity is increasing; thus, in a global health perspective, it is desirable to encourage daily physical activity in order to prevent increases in the incidence of hypokinetic diseases and to promote well being (Wallberg-Hendriksson, 1992). The current study examined the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices among 200 persons with type-1 diabetes mellitus who have completed outpatient counseling. The results indicated that providing education and support for exercise will over-come barriers to exercise and may increase compliance of exercise to the management of diabetes mellitus.

Key Words: Exercise, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, practices, questionnaire, education.

AJPHERD Vol.10(2) 2004: 163-175

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