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HIV prevention intervention among low-income women in South Africa: A randomized control trial

K Peltzer, M Bopape, MP Carey


The aim of the study was to evaluate a motivation-based HIV risk reduction intervention for economically disadvantaged urban women in South Africa. Women were recruited through radio and information pamphlets. At baseline 119 women completed a survey regarding HIV-related knowledge, risk perceptions, behavioural intentions and risk behaviour. Participants were then assigned to either an experimental (intervention; n = 60) or a control group (n = 59). The women in the intervention group were invited to attend the four intervention sessions on HIV risk reduction. Post intervention and follow-up data indicated that women in the HIV-risk reduction intervention enhanced their knowledge and strengthened their communication skills but could not reduce their risk behaviour.

Key Words: HIV/AIDS, prevention, low-income women, randomised trial, South Africa

AJPHERD Vol.10(3) 2004: 204-219

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