The impact of parental social support on promoting children’s physical activities

  • K Eid Kanan
  • S Al-Karasneh
Keywords: Parenta l involvement, social support, children, physical act ivit ies.


This study invest igates how parental social support promotes physical activity in children. A sample of 581 mothers and fa thers participated in the study. A 43-item questionnaire was developed to determine level of parental social support, quantitatively. The reliabili ty and validity of the quest ionnaire were
evaluated. Also, semi -structured interview was used to collect the data. Descript ive statist ics (frequencies and percentages) were used to analyze the data. The results revealed that televisions and computers were present in the majority of homes for the purposes of recreation, while sports equipment wa s found much less frequent ly. At the same time, parents focused on
anything connected with their chi ld's academic succe ss at school, while less attention was given to the child’s involvement in the physical educat ion
class. Accordingly, it seems that there was a communication problem between parents and their children's’ physical education teachers.

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print ISSN: 2411-6939