The extent to which students with disabilities are included in elite sport at higher education institutions

  • CJ Roux
  • C Burnett
Keywords: Elite athletes, university, inclusion, disabilities.


Inclusion is imperative to eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities. In educational context inclusion can be defined as including a number of key perspectives, policies and practices (such as reducing barriers) to learning and participation of students regardless of their ability or disability level. It seems research on special needs education has ignored the views and experiences of the students with disabilities. Therefore including the opinions of students with disabilities in research seems particularly timely. It was therefore the aim of this exploratory research to collect qualitative data from students with disabilities through semi-structured interviews. These participants were all bona fide students and elite sport participants. It was evident that students at higher education institutions should be encouraged to participate in sport or any related physical and recreational activity that can meaningfully contribute to a more holistic development, as well as in decision-making to meet their special needs.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2411-6939