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Gender differences in cigarette smoking among university students

P Mudhovozi, T Mashamba, T Sodi


This study examined gender differences in smoking among university students using a descriptive survey research design. Seventy-two participants (male: 34; female: 38; age range: 21 to 35 years; mean age: 25.6 years) were randomly drawn from all faculties who were attending a seminar on leadership. A questionnaire was used to collect data. Response frequencies were calculated. Significant gender differences were observed in the prevalence of smoking, perceived benefits of smoking and methods for reducing smoking. More males than females smoked cigarettes. Males believed that smoking prevents tooth decay while females thought that it reduced obesity. On anti-smoking campaigns, males recommended the use of picture and written messages while the female counterparts preferred the use of the lecture method. The findings of the study call for the need to intensify anti-smoking campaigns that target young people.

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