Evidence based practice and techniques in aquatic therapy for recreation therapy

  • E Broach
Keywords: Aquatic therapy, recreational therapy, disability, leisure


Aquatic therapy (AT) is a holistic method of treatment that involves activity or passive activity to produce healthcare outcomes. The push for holistic treatment in rehabilitation is emphasized by the World Health Organization (WHO) (2009). The WHO suggested that healthcare organizations should turn their attention from repairing weakness and damage to promoting a health maintenance lifestyle. While, well-controlled experimental research specific to aquatic therapy is sparse, there have been some studies documenting physical, psychological and psychosocial improvements from aquatic interventions and immersion in general. To assist practitioners in understanding aquatic therapy treatment strategies, this article reviews various principles of hydrodynamics and the effects of immersion in water. Also, aquatic approaches to treatment that are used for participants with a variety of conditions are examined. The intent of this article was to increase the understanding of why the water is conducive to holistic treatment outcomes and various techniques that are used in aquatic therapy to improve health and well being.

Keywords: Aquatic therapy, recreational therapy, disability, leisure.


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print ISSN: 2411-6939