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Relative Effects of Psychological Flexibility, Parental Involvement and School Climate on Secondary School Students’ School Safety in Ondo, Ondo State, Nigeria

RC Agokei, NC Okoroafor


A critical analysis and understanding of secondary students’ experiences and of safety in public schools are currently lacking in the literature and warrant further research. This study investigated the relative effects of psychological flexibility, parental involvement and school climate on secondary school student’s school safety. Using the descriptive survey research design three hundred (300) secondary school students were randomly selected. Four standardized and validated questionnaires were used to collect data from the participants. Three research questions were raised for the study. The data collected in the study were analyzed using the Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC), and multiple regression analysis. It was found that psychological flexibility, parental involvement and school climate have significant relationships with school safety. The three predictor variables contributed significantly to the prediction of school safety when combined and independent, accounting for a variation of about 47.6% of the criterion measure with psychological flexibility being the most potent predictor. Based on the findings from the study, recommendations were made for significant stakeholders’ consideration of restructuring school safety policy.

Key words: Psychological flexibility, Parental involvement, School climate, School safety

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