An Analysis of volunteer motivation in HIV/AIDS community initiatives of Uganda

  • Paul Nyende
Keywords: Volunteer motivation, HIV/AIDS community Initiatives, Volunteer activities.


HIV/AIDS psychosocial support services in Uganda are accessed by clients  through community based initiatives. These small–scale HIV/AIDS community initiatives in Uganda are vulnerable to rapid decline or failure because they rely on energy and expertise of people who are volunteering their time, which they are free to withdraw at any time. Many have had difficulty attracting and retaining volunteers because of failure to understand volunteer motivation. The study explores volunteerism and emphasizes that volunteers derive personal satisfactions from voluntary activities other than monetary compensation. Volunteers “expect a return on their investment”. Most nonprofit organizations in Uganda working in HIV/AIDS intervention thrive on volunteer efforts. The study aimed at identifying the nature of activities that the volunteers engaged in, the reasons why People engage in volunteering and factors that maintain volunteer motivation. The study used an exploratory research design and qualitative methods in the form of focus group discussions were employed in the quest to gain greater insight into the volunteer motivation. Thematic analysis was employed on the data to identify major themes. Findings show that volunteers were driven by a sense of self serving and achievement motive, affiliation and relational motives and the power motive. Volunteers were intrinsically motivated and inspired by their religious beliefs or because the community appreciates their efforts. Volunteers reported drawing satisfaction from the positive impact on the recipient’s life. Continued participation gave them hope in terms of prospects of gainful employment, social support from their volunteer group and bonding with the community members.

Keywords: Volunteer motivation, HIV/AIDS community Initiatives, Volunteer activities.


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