Influence of work environment, behavioural pattern and self-esteem on employee job performance in Lagos State

  • Frederick O. Ahmadu
  • Olujide A. Adekeye
  • Ifeanyi P. Onyeonoru
  • Elizabeth I. Olowookere
  • Muyiwa A. Solarin
  • Dorcas O. Oyeniyi
Keywords: Job Performance, Lagos, Self-Esteem, Behavioural Pattern, Work Environment


Organizations strive on the collective effort of the employees that make up the organization and for higher productivity to be attained, several factors must interplay. In this study, the influence of work environment, behavioural pattern and self-esteem on employee’s job performance in Lagos State were explored. A number of works have been done on the above variables and their influence on job performance, but only very few have shown the pivotal role played by the work environment on the other variables. This study filled this gap in an attempt to show the interrelationships of the variables. Survey design was employed where 113 respondents were randomly selected from the Lagos State Secretariat Alausa. Two hypotheses were formulated at the 0.05 level of significance. The study employed a questionnaire on employee job performance (QEJP) to measure the influence of the predictor variables on criterion variable in selected organizations in Lagos State. Results indicated a significant relationship exist between performance on the job and self-esteem (r = .361, p < .05), behavioural pattern (r = .231, p < .05), and work environment (r = .314, p < .05). Self-esteem was the strongest predictor of employee job performance (β = 0.231; t = 3.389; p < 0.05), and next was work environment (β = 0.168; t = 2.860; p < 0.05). There was however no significant effect of educational level (F (1, 100) = .863, p > 0.05) and marital status (F (1, 100) = 3.221, p > 0.05) on employee job performance. Employees’ work environment invariably forms a relationship between the employer and the employee. A comfortable and conducive work environment may promote work effectiveness of workers and lead to increased job performance.


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