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Energy of the Zero-Divisor Graph of the Integers Modulo n (ℤ<sub>?</sub>)

I.K. Aliyu
I.S. Aliyu


Adding the moduli (absolute values) of the eigenvalues of a matrix generated from a graph gives the energy of the graph. Three different types of  energies are computed in this paper; the adjacency energy, Seidel energy and the maximum degree energy. The graph under consideration is the zero-  divisor graph of the integers modulo n (ℤ?), where we considered seven rings of integers modulo n, namely, ℤ6,ℤ8,ℤ9,ℤ10,ℤ12,ℤ 14 ??? ℤ15. The matrices of  the graphs are first generated after which the energies are then computed using the eigenvalues of the respective matrices.

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eISSN: 2734-3898
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