African Journal of Science and Technology - Vol 5, No 2 (2004)

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Table of Contents


The boundary curve of thermodynamic stability of the liquid phase on the basis of a generalised Berthelot's equation
PA Tamanga, D Lissouck, F Lontisi, M Tchoffo
Geochemistry of lower proterozoic greywackes from the Birim diamondiferous field, Ghana
SB Dampare, DK Asiedu, S Osae, J Manu, B Banoeng-Yakubo
Fracture strength of porous ceramics: stress concentration vs minimum solid area models
FW Nyongesa, BO Aduda
Lightning signature as an index for the determination of the beginning of the planting season in Nigeria
EF Nymphas, MO Adeniyi, EO Ogolo, EO Oladiran
Mathematical programming formulations for the examinations timetable problem: the case of the University of Dar es Salaam
AR Mushi
Seasonal time series forecasting: a comparative study of arima and ann models
JM Kihoro, RO Otieno, C Wafula
Combining randomness and fuzziness
MK Luhandjula
Dimensioning of dog bone specimens and numerical analysis of the effects of different fillet radii, clamp area and pinhole loading on the stresses in such specimens
Maina Maringa
Evaluation of dissolution of nonconventional phosphate fertilizers in Zimbabwe soils: effects of soil properties
EM Govere, SH Chien, RH Fox
Quasistationary sequences in Hilbert spaces
JN Muriuki
Separation of cashew nut shell liquid by column chromatography
P Oghome, AJ Kehinde
Préparation et caractérisation de catalyseurs au palladium supporté: catalyseurs monométalliques et bimétalliques
T Mbang, JM Ketcha, C Géron
Donnees nouvelles sur les laves felsiques de ngaoundere (Adamaoua, ligne du Cameroun): chronologie K-Ar et petrologie
R Temdjim, IK Njilah, P Kamgang, C Nkoumbou

ISSN: 1607-9949
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