Atypical presentation of an enormous vesical calculus: A case report

  • A.T. Lawal
  • M. Ahmed
  • A. Bello
  • H.Y. Maitama
  • M. Awaisu
Keywords: Atypical, Presentation, Enormous, Giant, Vesical, Calculus


Giant vesical calculi, though rare, are still encountered in contemporary urologic practice despite the increased availability, accessibility, and affordability of modern imaging modalities and urologic care. This is the case report of a middle-aged man with an unusually large vesical calculus. He presented with symptoms atypical of this disease. After the diagnosis, he was subjected to open cystolithotomy, bladder neck dilatation and bladder biopsy, leading to the relief of symptoms and improved voiding. Chemical analysis revealed the stone to be of the struvite type. Histological analysis of the biopsy specimens showed features of non-specific chronic  inflammation. The patient’s further management will require regular follow- up examinations in order to ensure that possible recurrent bladder neck stenosis and/or bladder carcinoma are detected on time.


Keywords: Atypical; Presentation; Enormous; Giant; Vesical; Calculus




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eISSN: 1110-5704