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Accuracy of Ultrasound Diagnosis after Blunt Scrotal Trauma (10 Years Experience)

OAA Elkader
A EL Nashar
KM El Den


Objectives: To evaluate the role of ultrasonography (US) and its accuracy, sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of testicular rupture after blunt scrotal trauma. Moreover, tunica albuginea breach, testicular hematoma, testis avulsion, epididymal injuries and hematocele are particularly examined.
Patients and Methods: Between 1998 and 2008, 24 patients presented to Suez Canal University Hospital after blunt scrotal trauma and underwent surgical exploration. All patients had an emergency scrotal US examination with the use of a 7.5-10 MHz linear transducer. US findings were compared with the surgical findings to calculate the sensitivity and specificity of US for each type of lesion.
Results: Out of 24 patients, 12 were diagnosed as having testicular rupture and tunica albuginea breach was visualized on US in 6 patients. Sensitivity and specificity of US were 92% and 50% for testicular rupture, 85% and 75% for hematocele, 80% and 79% for testicular hematoma, and 100% and 96% for testicular avulsion, respectively. US diagnosis of epididymal injuries was poor as it failed to detect 3 out of 5 epididymal lesions.
Conclusion: US was highly sensitive in the diagnosis of testis rupture. This can provide information on the integrity of the scrotal contents that can help the physician to determine the optimal treatment.

Key Words: Ultrasonography, scrotal blunt trauma, testis rupture

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