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Congenital right sided ureteropelvic junction obstructionin right crossed fused ectopia with extrarenal calycesmasquerading as massive retroperitoneal urinoma in acase of blunt trauma abdomen: A diagnostic enigma andnovel approach of management

V Singh, DK Gupta, M Pandey, V Kumar


An 18 years old young male presented with history of blunt trauma to abdomen with mild hematuria. Thecontrast enhanced computerized tomography of abdomen revealed crossed fused right renal ectopia withdistal large fluid filled sac confusing with urinoma. A midline laparotomy revealed it to be case of righthydronephrotic ectopic fused kidney with extrarenal calyces with large midline pelvis in retroperitoneum.Tailoring of renal pelvis with preservation of posterior pelvic wall plate and ureteral reconstruction wasdone which was anastomosed to native right ureter. The patient is doing well in one year of follow-up.

Keywords: Ureteropelvic junctionobstruction; Extrarenal calyces; Massive retroperitonealurinoma
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