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Right paratesticular abscess mimicking neonatal testiculartorsion and caused by Proteus mirabilis

UO Ezomike, MA Ituen, SC Ekpemo, SO Ekenze


The clinical presentation of neonatal paratesticular abscess may closely resemble that of, neonatal testiculartorsion and the use of scrotal ultrasonography to differentiate the two has low, sensitivity. We propose earlyoperative treatment of suspected neonatal testicular torsion to salvage, the testicle in cases of paratesticularabscesses. This is a report of the successful transinguinal, drainage of a right neonatal paratesticular abscesspreoperatively diagnosed as testicular torsion and, caused by Proteus mirabilis. The testicle was salvaged.

Keywords: Neonatal; Paratesticular abscess; Testicular torsion; Proteus mirabilis
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