Egalitarianism: Prospects and Challenges

  • SO Opafola
Keywords: Egalitarianism, Prospects, Challenges, Communism, Liberalism, Democracy.


The paper discusses the prospects of and the challenges to egalitarianism and tries to clarify its concept and probe the following questions, among others: What is egalitarianism? Is there any need for egalitarianism? If yes, how can it be achieved? Are there any problems associated with the attainment of egalitarianism? Are the difficulties identified with the  realization of egalitarianism not connected with the fact that it is an ideal phenomenon? The paper presupposes that egalitarianism is desirable, worthwhile and worth pursuing. In spite of this, it considers the conditions of egalitarianism. The paper draws attention to communism as one of the means of establishing a social, economic and political order. This invitation to consider what communism has to offer rests on some platforms, one of which is the nature of communism in terms of its definitions and variants. The second is a discussion of two of its versions. The third is a set of programs which is believed to have the capacity to strengthen communism. The fourth is an x-ray of the demerits of communism especially Marxian communism. The paper assumes that communism and liberal democracy can help to promote egalitarianism. What prospects do communism and
liberal democracy have in respect to the realization of egalitarianism? Are there any problems in this regard? What can we do to remove the  obstacles, if any? The paper tries to investigate the extent to which communism and liberal democracy can be of value. The paper maintains that the need to promote human and societal progress partly recommends the continuous pursuit of egalitarianism.

Keywords: Egalitarianism, Prospects, Challenges, Communism, Liberalism,


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print ISSN: 2141-1263