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Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention Among Lecturers in Tanzanian Public Universities

Jaqueline Amani, Aneth Komba


This study explores the association between job satisfaction and turnover intentions among lecturers in three public universities in Tanzania. It had three objectives: (1) to determine the level of perceived job satisfaction among lecturers; (2) to determine the association between job satisfaction and turnover intention; and (3) to determine the extent to which lecturers’ job satisfaction and turnover intention differs by sex, age and work experience. Data were collected using questionnaires and analysed using SPSS version 20.0. A total of 66 public university lecturers participated in the study by filling in the questionnaires. The findings showed that these lecturers were highly satisfied with all facets of their job. There was a significant negative relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention among the lecturers, whereby those who were highly satisfied were less likely to have an intention to leave their job. Also, there were significant differences in job satisfaction in relation to age and work experience. On the other hand, the turnover intention differs significantly by sex whereby the male lecturers had a greater intention to leave their job than their female counterparts. We suggest that for the universities to have highly innovative, motivated and productive teaching staff, job satisfaction should be given considerable attention.

Keywords: Job satisfaction, Turnover intention, Public universities, Tanzania

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