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Management of Adult Education Programme in Abia State, Nigeria

N Ibiam
JA Undie


Adult Education is the instruction or controlled experiences for the mature person so that he/she may attain social, economic, cultural, political or technical competence or individual development. The importance of management in adult education programme cannot be over emphasized because of the vital role it plays in organizing, planning, directing and controlling the programme. Here, we surveyed the management of adult education programme in Abia State of Nigeria, using a 30-item questionnaire administered to 190 adult education instructors. Our data showed that the management and implementation of adult education policies in Abia State was very poor. Lack of man-power, poor attitudes by the government, lack of funding and poor facilities and supervision are constraints to adult education programme in the State. Based on the findings, conclusions were drawn from the study as follows: Adult Education Programme is to be encouraged to eradicate mass illiteracy in Abia State. while several recommendations were made including that Government should develop curriculum for Adult Education and accordingly, monitor ad ensure quality control of state programme by having spot-checks and supervision of the activities of the literacy Network committees in the state.

Keywords: adult education, management, individual development, education policy and policy implementation,