The African Quarterly Social Science Review (AQSSR) stands tall as a distinguished peer-reviewed journal, seamlessly blending intellectual exploration with an unwavering commitment to excellence. As a beacon guiding scholars, students, and educators, AQSSR offers a vibrant platform for peer-reviewed research articles and empirically driven works in the realm of social sciences. Embracing diversity in thought and methodological rigor, AQSSR fosters an environment where scholarly inquiry thrives. With a dedication to advancing knowledge and understanding, articles are welcomed on a rolling basis, ensuring a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. By upholding the highest standards of scholarship, AQSSR continues to be a trusted resource for academics and practitioners alike, shaping discourse and driving progress in the field of social sciences across Africa and beyond.

Aims and Scope
Our aim is to cultivate a dynamic environment that not only provides access to the latest literature and innovations in the social sciences but also fosters the exchange of ideas and expertise in Africa and beyond.

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print ISSN: 3006-3493