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A Mobile-Based Application for Covid-19 Diagnosis and Recommendation

Mustapha A.M.
Okikiola F.M.
Oladiboye O.E
Onadokun I.O.
Alonge C.Y.


In 2019, a new coronavirus outbreak emerged, identified in December 2019. The disease exhibits an average incubation period of 5.2 days, with flu-like symptoms, accompanied by cough and fever. COVID-19 affects various organs and tissues in the human body. While expert systems exist for disease diagnosis, they require experts to operate due to their specific platforms. This paper proposes the
development of an efficient, rapid, and precise COVID-19 diagnostic system using mobile phone technology, leveraging the widespread availability of mobile devices. Unlike existing applications, this system's focus is to offer a diagnostic tool accessible to any individual without requiring expert intervention. The framework was implemented using Android Studio and the Dart platform. The resulting mobile application demonstrated user-friendliness and ease of use, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for The COVID-19 APP has the potential to reduce disease transmission and enable early treatment initiation, thus mitigating the risk of severe illness. This proactive approach contributes to better overall health outcomes, enhancing individuals' quality of life The mobile phone-based diagnostic system offers an accessible and reliable means for diagnosing COVID-19 without expert involvement. By leveraging mobile technology, this solution can positively impact disease management and foster a healthier population

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eISSN: 2736-0067
print ISSN: 2736-0059