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A Mobile-Based Clinical Knowledge Representation and Management System

Alonge C.Y.
Mustapha A.M.
Okikiola F.M.


Most of the medical records kept by health centres around the world are patient records. The existing approaches of medical record keeping used in several health clinics in Nigeria are predominantly paper-based. This approach is faced with challenges such as losing patient records, duplicating patient records without necessity, and not having adequate backup facilities. In order to reduce the expense of purchasing the stationery supplies required for record-keeping and to improve the integrity and security of the patients' medical information, this research intends to automate the entire process by developing a mobile-based application. HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, and PHP were used in the building of this automated system along with MySQL as the database engine. The system assigns different users varying privileges based on their official role in the clinic, allowing the clinic employees (user) to view and take activities directly related to their official responsibilities. The system was evaluated with better communication and information resources in McPherson University Health center, Nigeria. It also adds to the body of information on problems related to the deployment and use of electronic health records. Hence, this will provide protection and security of the patient’s medical records. This solution can be enhanced to be an automated record-checking system using a biometric technique for extracting patients’ records.

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